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My Approach


If you’re looking for someone to make you laugh and feel comfortable, no matter how awkward you think you are in front of the camera, I’m your girl! I don’t want to just take the plane-jane photos of you cheesen at the camera, that’s not me. I want to get to know you and laugh with you so I can tell your story through photos that are uniquely you.

If you value having a good time and enjoying the moment over getting every little detail perfect, we’ll get along great. If you want someone that’ll hop in the car and drive across the state to capture that golden sunset setting over your favorite view, I’m there. I want to be by your side on your special day ensuring that everything you need you have, and I’m not just talking about beautiful photos. I’ll give you the ponytail off my wrist and the shirt off my back if you need it. I’ll be there to hold your dress when needed and hand you tissues in those moments that bring tears to your eyes. Because at the end of the day, those are the moments that you’ll remember forever.

It's all in the details

I want to capture all those little moments in between, the ones that mean the most in the end.


Weddings & Elopements

Starting at $4000


Couples & Engagements

Starting at $600

Portraits & Lifestyle

Starting at $600

This day is all about you and I'm here to be as involved as you would like. I can be there from sunrise until long after the sun sets, capturing you getting ready to you getting down on the dance floor, and all the in-between. I'll create a custom package based on your needs, whatever they may be.

Let's hang out for a couple hours and have some fun! We can go wherever you want, you name it, I'm down.

This is your time to get creative and be yourself! Let's find the perfect place that represents who you are.

Convinced We're a Good Fit